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Confidence that your assets are secure

We want you to be confident that your assets are secure with Dragon IM so, via Raymond James, we’ve obtained custodianship for them through one of the largest financial institutions in the world: Pershing Securities Limited (PSL). 

Note: Investor Account Protection Does Not Cover Investment Risk

What about your cash?
Dragon IM doesn’t hold client cash. Your cash is held in the Raymond James Cash Account or the PSL Cash Account. Raymond James or PSL holds your cash balances as Client Money, which means that money in your Cash Account is held by Raymond James or PSL acting as trustee. It is segregated from Raymond James’ or PSL’s own corporate assets and held in designated trust accounts at one or more banks.

Should any of the banks that Raymond James or PSL uses fail, investor protection provided by the FSCS applies. The limit is currently £75,000 per eligible claimant per FCA authorised financial institution.